[HOWTO] Change max time allowed on a per-car basis

[HOWTO] Change max time allowed on a per-car basis

For departments where the due date varies, its hard to pin them down to a specific number of hours (for example, vendors that service once a week)

In such scenarios, it makes sense to change the due date to the next time they are scheduled to be at the dealership

To do this follow the steps below:

Log in with an administrative (admin) account
Once logged in, expand the "Administrative" section and click on "Recon Workflow"

Once on this page, click on the "Edit" button as highlighted below for the status you would like to allow variable time for

Here, in order to allow users to specify the hours, simply change the "Allow users to change the max time per vehicle" button to YES as shown below and click the "SAVE" button

Now, when the vehicle gets assigned to the detail department, they can simply change the max hours allowed to get the job done.
If they do not change the hours on this screen, the system will simply go to the original 72 hour schedule and mark the vehicle as late after the time has passed 

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