Why use Simple Recon's Used Car Recon Tracking Software

Dealers that get their vehicles from auctions and trade-ins use multiple tools to track their inventory as it gets to the front-line. The list varies from one dealership to another, but a majority of them use tools like spreadsheets, Google Docs, post-it notes, clipboards, dry-erase boards, pass file folders, etc.  Their objective is to keep a track of the cars and complete the reconditioning of these vehicles in a timely manner. 

We often hear dealerships mentioning that a certain clipboard provides them all information they need to have access to. Just imagine how great it would have been if these clipboards were capable of timing the different steps, sending notifications about the update of the vehicle, allowed the ROs to get approval with the touch of a button, included the car information directly from your DMS, and be managed using Smartphones or a desktop computer.

There are still some who would prefer to use their clipboards. It is important to know that by reducing the average reconditioning time, you directly improve the bottom line of your dealership by saving thousands of dollars.  Simple Recon is dedicated to providing the tools you need in your goal to protect and improve the bottom line.  We offer a better and more efficient way for you to track all your vehicles through each of the departments with just a few clicks. 

By managing your dealership’s workflow using reconditioning software, you will be able to bring transparency and accountability to the process. The traditional way of managing the reconditioning process never had these benefits. Using tools like Google Doc or your favorite clipboard, it would never be possible to find out the system inadequacies that are resulting in drop of profit for your dealership.

It is also important to note that the inventory of a dealership is their greatest depreciating asset. Regardless of whether you are awake to it or not, the clock is ticking. Use of reconditioning software is a way for you to request everyone to give it their best shot. With the presence of a monitoring software at the dealership, departments are highly motivated to rise to the occasion and prove their efficiency with the help of the software. 

To sum up this discussion, it can certainly be said that the utilization of the latest technology can streamline your reconditioning process and help you get a frontline-ready inventory in lesser time. This, in turn, will increase the vehicle’s chances of an early sale. 

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