[HOWTO] Start parallel workstreams

[HOWTO] Start parallel workstreams

If your dealership works with more than one vendor for your reconditioning, you probably want them to be working on it ASAP.

Recon Checklist  allows your dealership to start work in parallel

To do this, you need to  Sign Up  for a free trial
This will provide you with a username and a password.
Log in to your account using the username and password you created.
To get started with test inventory, you can click on this  link OR click on "Inventory Upload" in the navigation
Download the sample file and upload it back in to the system
This will create the sample inventory you would need to start playing around

Click on Recon Checklist > Recon Checklist to see your inventory

Now, to assign work, simply select the vendors/departments that need to work on the vehicle
You can also add your comments for the vendor on that screen

After you click "Save" the screen will refresh and you will now see the option to "Start Timer" on those departments as seen under

When you click the "Start Timer" link it will as for confirmation, go ahead and click the green button

This will cause the screen to refresh and start the timer
You and the vendor can now see the comments you had entered in the initial screen simply by placing your mouse over the timer

When the work is done, simply click on the "Mark Complete" text
On the screen below, simply add your comment and click "Save" to mark the work as completed

You can add a note and not close the request by setting the "Mark work as completed" button to "No"

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