Used Car Reconditioning Software :: Recon Process Tracker

Decrease your reconditioning time with Simple Recon's reconditioning tracking software.

Using simple recon you can
  • Decrease your time to market
  • Locate inventory faster
  • Notify your employees and vendors instantly via SMS or Email (or both)
  • Make data driven decisions
  • Monitor employee, department and vendor performance

Check out the  60 second video below to learn more about Simple Recon and how it works.

Why do you need Used Car Recon software for your dealership?

In todays market where margins are tight and competition is high, being able to offer the best price on your inventory has a huge competitive advantage. One way to keep the prices competitive is to keep the costs low. We help decrease expenses on the reconditioning process.

A used car can depreciate as much as $57 a day.
On average a used car takes about 7 days from trade-in to being front line ready.
Here is what it means to your dealership:
  • $ 45 / car / day
  • Time to market is 10 days
  • You sell about a 150 cars a month
  • Your annual depreciation cost is: 45 x 10 x 150 x 12 = $810,000
The good news is, if get your recon time to 3 days, you save a cool  $567,000
Use the Savings Calculator  to calculate your exact numbers
Would you like to save over $567,000 a year?
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Our Used Car Recon  platform is cloud based, which means you do not need to buy any equipment from us or any vendor for this to work.
Our advanced design, makes it so you can use any device and still be able to function without any problems.

Simple Recon, A Used Car Recon Software

Our instant notifications on entry and exit of a status provides a seamless workflow for the reconditioning process.

The online and nightly email reports provide you with details on each vehicle in inventory and its history as it moves through various status at the dealership.

Providing status information to your team helps you hold them accountable to their performance and identify opportunities for growth.


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