Dealership Reconditioning Software

If you are looking to improve your inventory turn times by tracking your reconditioning process Simple Recon's RECON SOFTWARE is the solution you need.
Simple Recon's RECON SOFTWARE is the ideal inventory recondition tracking tool built to help your dealership reduce the number of days it takes to get a vehicle from trade-in or auction purchase to the front-line.
  • Decreasing the time to market for your used (trade-in or auction purchase) inventory
  • Make locating your inventory quick and easy.
  • Immediate SMS and Email notification when work gets assigned
  • Track missing pictures on your inventory
  • Transparent communication between departments
  • Monitor department performance using one single dashboard
These are the most common problems our process tracking software helps manage.
Dealerships big and small have used, and benefited from, using our tracking software.

Easy Setup

Setting up your dealership for our solution is easy. Our entire system runs on the cloud so you do not need to purchase any additional hardware to use it.

Sign up today and your account is set up in seconds

Instant Notifications

No more waiting for paperwork to arrive at your desk to work on the car.

Get instant SMS or Email, entry and exit notifications from each department

No more guess work

Nightly reports help department managers stay on top of their queue.

Get better visibility into your inventory and where it is through the reconditioning process.

Inventory Integration

We integrate directly with your inventory provider so you do not have to worry about adding vehicles to your account.

We automatically have the inventory in our system as you see in your DMS

Only one truth

All status changes in the system are tracked by user and time.

Making it easy for you to audit work done.


Our easy, intuitive and user friendly dashboard provides a snapshot of your inventory. There are additional reports available online if you want to dig deeper.

Nightly reports prepare your departments for the day ahead.

Instant notifications keep your managers and vendors up-to-date on progress.

Where's that Car?

No more spending time chasing down inventory.

With our inventory tracking solution you can track down inventory quickly and easily.

You can even see history on each vehicle to verify each person who touched it.

Attach Photos

If you need to keep track of the condition of the vehicle, you can quickly take pictures and attach them to the vehicle.

You can use it to track before and after condition on a RO.

Have your detailing company attach a few pictures as proof of work done on the vehicle.

Works on all devices

Our platform is built for desktop, tablets and cell phones.

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