Embrace New Technology by Following these Simple Tips

Embrace New Technology by Following these Simple Tips

Just like any other segment of the industry, keeping up with changes can be difficult for the automotive sector. There is no denying the fact that new technology provides us the tools to ensure a higher efficiency and profitability for the dealerships. However, often, such changes face strong objections from the employees.

This vital topic was addresses recently by an article from Harvard Business Review. The articles cite the findings of a research suggesting that it is possible to overcome the resistance to change by actively involving the people that are mostly affected by the proposed change. Unfortunately, the ownership tends to use the word ‘participation’ just as a buzzword to ensure employee participation in discussions without any genuine intent to create a feeling of true participation. As expected, this generally results in increased resistance to acceptance of new technology.

Instead of this approach, follow these tips for easier implementation of new technology.

Seek early inputs : Solicit genuine, early input from the employees that would interact mostly with the new technology. Before the selection and purchase of a technology tool, try to involve them in the decision-making process. The employees are more likely to embrace the changes, if they were actively involved in the process of bringing about the same. As an example, it is a good idea to involve the key employees including the department head in the decision-making process before introducing a reconditioning software.

Make the change your regular business practice : After providing training to the employees, implement the change as early as possible so that it quickly becomes a part of your daily operation. If the change relates to tracking of reconditioning numbers, you may ask the managers to provide data that is generated by the new technology tool.

Take feedback : Instead of looking at it as an isolated event, consider technology change to be a process. Continue taking feedback from the users after the implementation of the new technology. People using the technology daily have the knowledge to suggest how it can be utilized better. This will not only ensure better utilization of the new technology, but also increase the involvement of the users with the technology.

Reward the employees : Employees are often slow in completely adopting new technology. In this situation, reprimands can worsen the condition because a demotivated employee can be extremely resistant to the change. Instead, create innovative and fun rewards for them so that they are attracted towards becoming a part of the process.
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