Simple Recon Pro Mobile App

Simple Recon Pro Mobile App

In this video, we will review the features of Simple Recon mobile app version 8.

When you launch the app, you will see that the menu is now at the bottom for easier access with your thumb.
To see the menu, click the grid icon on the right bottom corner.

Log in using your username and password

Once successfully logged in, you will see your dashboard which shows all departments and number of vehicles in each of these departments.
If you are logging in as a vendor or a user with limited access, you will only see the department you have access to.
Click on the department you want to view inventory for.

Scroll to the vehicle you want to mark as complete. Tap on the vehicle.

On the details screen, you will see the vehicle information first, then the location of your vehicle. This is the location you see on the dashboard.
You will also see expenses and questions associated with that status.
Remember to move it to the next step before you hit save.

It will bring you back to the list you were on but this time you will not see the vehicle you already moved to the next status

To search for a specific vehicle click on the grid icon on the bottom right of the app and then click on the search button.

It will automatically bring up a scanner to help you easily scan a VIN or Stock number barcode or QR code.
However, if you prefer to type in a stock or VIN number manually you can click cancel.
If you do decide to scan a barcode after you hit cancel, you can do so by clicking the "Click to Scan Barcode" button again.
Once you have your Stock or VIN number in the search box, hit the search button.

The result will show you all vehicles matching this criteria.
You can click the "View History" button to view the activity log on that vehicle or hit "Next Status" to update progress or mark this vehicle as complete and move it to the next step.

This brings you to the same screen you saw earlier when updating vehicle details from the dashboard vehicle list.

To scan a new vehicle into inventory, generally from the auction itself, or as soon as you have a potential trade, you open the menu again and press the "Add VIN" button.

Scan the barcode of the new vehicle, or choose to enter the information manually.

As you noticed, if you scanned the VIN, your vehicle information will already be filled in for you.
Select the current status of the vehicle which will generally be the first step in your process, but make sure you change it as necessary.
Remaining information is recommended but not necessary to add this vehicle to inventory.
After you are done, click the Add vehicle details button and this vehicle will be added to your inventory.
This will start the timer for this vehicle as well as send out SMS and email notifications based on your account preference.

To add notes on a vehicle, open the menu and click on the "Add Notes" button

Scan or type your stock number or VIN number and enter the notes you want to attach to that vehicle.
When done, click the "Add Notes" button.

To attach pictures to your inventory, click on the photos button.
Scan or type the VIN or Stock number of the vehicle you want to attach the pictures to.
Next, you can either take pictures or select pictures from your phone by clicking on "Take Pictures" or "Select Pictures" respectively.
When you have selected all the pictures you would like to associate to that vehicle, click the "Upload Pictures" button.

Simple Recon  also allows the ability for you to attach any other barcode to your inventory for easier searching. To do this, you will use the Tag functionality on the mobile app.
First you will need to provide the vehicle's VIN or Stock number that you want to associate the new code to.
Next, you will need to scan or type the new barcode you wish to associate with that vehicle.
Once that is done, click on the "Tag VIN with new barcode" button.

You can view vehicle activity history by clicking on the "Log" button on the menu.
Scan the vehicle's VIN to see the history.
To view history of another vehicle, simply click on "Scan New Vehicle"

The Location button allows you to quickly update the currently location of any vehcile in your inventory.
To do so, click on the "Lcoation" button on the menu. Scan or type your VIN or stock number and select the new location for that vehicle.
When done, click the "Change Location" button to update our system with this information.

There is also a support button that you can use to dial our support number, right from the app.
We do try to keep information on our site up to date, however there are times when the information on our site may not accurately reflect the current status of things. In case you have any questions or are not sure if the information on the site is accurate, please contact us to verify by email or by using the contact form. We will try to reply ASAP.