Improving Communication

Improving Communication

An auto dealership comprises of a large number of departments such as Sales, Parts, Retail, Service, and Body. Creating and maintaining the prefect sync within all these departments is never and easy job to do. All dealerships have a unique way of operating. Though they operate under the same roof, different departments across the dealership also have a unique mode of operation with own objectives and yardsticks to measure success. Therefore, the process of reconditioning must ensure the coexistence of these departments and create a common standard amongst them. 

In order to create a successful reconditioning process, the foremost task is to build a proper channel to ensure that the process is communicated across the departments. Without efficient communication, it can be extremely cumbersome and time-consuming to share this information with back and forth emails, phone calls, etc. Often times, this may come in the way of the dealership’s regular operations, and result in inadequate communication.

By using Simple Recon, dealerships have found it extremely easy to promote and improve the efficiency of communication between the departments. Simple Recon also helps users create a standard procedure for the delivery of information. Whenever a vehicle is sent to the new department, the concerned department is notified immediately along with all notes related to the vehicle. The same process continues through all the departments, ensuring that no information is lost or ignored on the way.

Effective communication is a key component of creating a streamlined reconditioning process. Improper communication of vital notes and vehicle-related information can be an expensive mistake for the dealerships. Simple Recon can be your alternative to avoiding these miscommunications and bring back your reconditioning process on track. 

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