[HOWTO] Configure work assigned alerts

[HOWTO] Configure work assigned alerts

When you rely on phone calls or department mail to get the vehicle to the next department, productivity suffers.

The easiest and fastest way to get information to managers and vendors who need to work on the vehicle is to send them an email or a SMS message

To configure this, you simply click on Recon Notification link on the menu

On that page, select the status and the employee or vendor you want to get notified when the vehicle hits their department

This setting will make sure the vendor or employee get the instant notification when work gets assigned to them

An example of the email they would recieve is below

This creates one central repository for information and eliminates the need for phone calls and follow up

Eliminate the need for manual follow up
Use the max time alerts along with the assignment notification to automate follow up
Anytime the vehicle is late, you will also see it on your dashboard
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