Find out how open safety recall management can add value to your dealership

Find out how open safety recall management can add value to your dealership

It is now possible for all the Simple Recon customers to address the risk of safety recall within the process of reconditioning. This can be done by daily identification of the safety recalls on the existing pre-owned inventory, including both off-brand and in-brand inventory. Simple Recon is integrated with NHTSA's recall database. As a result of this integration safety recall verification during the reconditioning process has become possible.

Your Benefits:

Reduce your recall liability: Review the inventory of your dealership on a daily basis using the Safety Recall Management SM from Simple Recon in tandem with AutoAp. This will result in significant lowering of your liability in terms of selling vehicles that have open safety recalls. Many dealers have been able to decrease their rate of open-safety recalls by 90%, using this solution.

Increase your warranty revenue: It is highly possible that you are losing out on opportunities to earn service revenues by because of open, in-brand safety recalls that are still undiscovered. Your service profitability will certainly increase every day, if you are able to identify these safety recalls.

Enhanced safety for customers: Timely repairing of all the open safety recalls is also the right step towards ensuring a high level of customer safety. By conducting daily reviews of the safety recalls, you will have adequate time to complete all the necessary repairs. This, in turn, will help you avoid awkward situations and delays during closure of the deal.

Improved market differentiation: In the recent days, there has been a lot of negative press about the dealerships and their process of addressing safety recalls. This is an opportunity for you to become an industry pioneer in safety just by inspecting every vehicle on a daily basis.

Optimized utilization of the Service Bay: The service department will have more flexibility while scheduling the time slots for the available service bay, if they are able to figure out which are the in-brand vehicles with regular open safety recalls.

Reduce your overhead cost: Remember that the publicly available safety recall data is not at all accurate.  Utilizing this data every day for the manual checking of the vehicles is not only a time consuming process, but is also a risky practice. We are here to do all your work, helping you save both time and money.    
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