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Recondition Used Cars Faster

As dealerships increase their focus on improving inventory turns, the time they can spare to get the inventory reconditioned keeps shrinking.
There is an easier way to manage vehicles going through your reconditioning process.
And while it does take some human interaction, implementing a reconditioning process is one of the best things you can do for your dealership.
A tool like Simple Recon will be worth the investment as you see your inventory rapidly getting to front line record time.
Cloud based software solution is a great option compared to most of the manual options currently being used (e.g. whiteboards or shared spreadsheets). 
We offer instant updates, delay notifications, DMS integration, and daily queue emails for each department.

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By signing up today you can
  • Start using the system instantly
  • Get immediate email or text notification when work gets assigned
  • Stop guessing what work is still outstanding
  • Improve visibility into inter-department communication 
  • Use the system from any device (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)
  • Use our mobile app to quickly add vehicles even before they hit your DMS.
  • Set up a nightly inventory feed
  • Make locating your inventory faster
  • Attach photos of work done on your inventory
Recon Checklist - 30 Day Free Trial

Simple Recon Pro - 30 Day Free Trial
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