Recon Software Benefits

Recon Software Benefits

There has been an increasing trend amongst the used car dealerships to use different software programs to efficiently manage the used car reconditioning process in their dealership. Using the latest technologies, these software applications also help dealerships in reducing the reconditioning cycle time, monitoring the process in real time, avoiding operational bottlenecks, and much more.

Finding a used car reconditioning software is not a particularly difficult process. Looking at the rising demand for such programs, a number of companies have come up with excellent software applications. However, after looking at all the features of the leading alternatives available in the market, Simple Recon appears to be the most cost efficient one. The remaining part of this article will discuss some of the most important features and benefits offered by Simple Recon.

The reconditioning software from Simple Recon is compatible with laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones and all other types of mobile devices. In today’s changing business scenario, it is of paramount importance for the dealerships to go mobile. By using Simple Recon reconditioning software, dealerships can put their recon technicians or service technicians in a mobile environment.    

Simple Recon can positively impact the entire process starting from the moment a customer walks into the dealership. Using the mobile device, it becomes a breeze to inspect the car and scan the VIN. All important information relating to the car can be processed further instantly. Simple Recon software is also capable of generating an estimate. Depending on the requirement, this estimate can be printed or forwarded wirelessly to the service advisors. Once the customer approves the repairs, the work order can be generated or tracked. In the next step, the software can automatically create invoices and transmit them to different locations within the organization. Automatic integration of invoice information with the accounting system of the company is another key benefit of Simple Recon reconditioning software.

Car dealerships using Simple Recon have also appreciated the software for its online dashboard. This feature provides a wide array of customized reports that can be of great value to the service department of the reconditioning vendor. These reports provide an easy and quick visibility to business information that is most important for the reconditioning process.

With Simple Recon, the dealerships can also improve their cash flow by completing all their invoicing within minutes. Use of this software also leads them towards a process that is consistent and paperless. Operational errors are also reduced because all work is tracked by VIN number. Taking all factors into account, it can be said without any doubt that the use of Simple Recon auto reconditioning software imparts a superior professional image to the dealership.

The entire idea of using a reconditioning software is targeted towards cost reduction. This is why it is important for the dealerships to opt for a program that is inexpensive. Simple Recon fits the bill perfectly because it is one of the most economical options available in the market. Moreover, the company also offers a free trail.
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