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Read about how your Time To Front Line affects your bottom line.
We talk about the importance of monitoring progress along with the ability of Simple Recon to help you monitor.
Finding a used car reconditioning software is not a particularly difficult process. Looking at the rising demand for such programs, a number of companies have come up with excellent software applications. However, after looking at all the features of the leading alternatives available in the market, Simple Recon appears to be the most cost efficient one. The remaining part of this article will discuss some of the most important features and benefits offered by Simple Recon.
The reconditioning process followed by a dealership impacts its bottomline by a significant amount. Similar patterns are repeated a number of times, and this can lead to either savings or additional expenses for the dealership. Maximization of profit on each reconditioned vehicle is only possible by minimizing the turnaround. This can be accomplished by a well-organized plan that allows the dealership to complete all necessary jobs within the least possible time. On the other hand, poor planning not only leads to wastage of time and money, but also keeps the entire workforce busy without sufficient return.
Before you pick your recon software, there are a few key questions to ask yourself

These questions are geared towards helping you identify what you are trying to achieve from the software.

Questions like the following
  • What is your current average reconditiong time?
  • What is your average carrying cost?
  • What do you believe are the bottlenecks in your current process?
  • Do you think you could recondition cars faster?
  • Is your inventory taking longer to turn?
And the most important of them all, do you know OR are you guessing?
There are various factors that affect the carrying cost of a vehicle
To learn about what they are and how the affect the total daily cost of ownership for each vehicle.
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