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Profitability of your dealership can be improved by managing the three key aspects of your business. 
Key factors that affect your profitability are as under
  • Control your acqusition cost
  • Manage your sale price
  • Monitor your reconditioning process
Before you pick your recon software, there are a few key questions to ask yourself

These questions are geared towards helping you identify what you are trying to achieve from the software.

Questions like the following
  • What is your current average reconditiong time?
  • What is your average carrying cost?
  • What do you believe are the bottlenecks in your current process?
  • Do you think you could recondition cars faster?
  • Is your inventory taking longer to turn?
And the most important of them all, do you know OR are you guessing?
Create transparency between departments by providing them with one central repoistory for all documentation and communication.

Identify process and track success, its that simple.

For every day that your car is not selling,  you are losing money.
For every day that your car is not online,  you are losing money.
For every day that your car does not have photos,  you are losing money.
For every day that you cant demo the car,  you are losing money.

In this article, we discuss how you can improve productivity by increasing visibility in to your current recon process.
Most efficient dealers require no more than 72 hours to get their inventory on the front line. However the turn around time in most dealerships can be in upwards of 7 days.

In this article we discuss a few ideas that would help decrease the time to front line.
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