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You can now see how long your inventory is taking to go from any step in the process to any other step.
This allows you to see the underlying inventory that contributed to the times as well as the average across inventory.
Read about how your Time To Front Line affects your bottom line.
We talk about the importance of monitoring progress along with the ability of Simple Recon to help you monitor.
As the market gets even more competitive with the influx of more used trucks and cars of higher quality, your stock of used cars is bound to lose its value. Therefore, it is of prime importance for you to ensure that your recently purchased stock of old cars keep flowing seamlessly through the process of reconditioning.  By doing this, you can avoid getting stuck with a depreciating vehicle that continuously reduces your profit margin.
It is now possible for all the Simple Recon customers to address the risk of safety recall within the process of reconditioning. This can be done by daily identification of the safety recalls on the existing pre-owned inventory, including both off-brand and in-brand inventory. Simple Recon is integrated with NHTSA's recall database. As a result of this integration safety recall verification during the reconditioning process has become possible.
This vital topic was addresses recently by an article from Harvard Business Review. The articles cite the findings of a research suggesting that it is possible to overcome the resistance to change by actively involving the people that are mostly affected by the proposed change. Unfortunately, the ownership tends to use the word ‘participation’ just as a buzzword to ensure employee participation in discussions without any genuine intent to create a feeling of true participation. As expected, this generally results in increased resistance to acceptance of new technology.

Instead of this approach, follow these tips for easier implementation of new technology.
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